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Mommas summertime is here!   Now with memorial day behind us, I think everyone is officially out of school and for us this past Friday kicked off the first official L3 adventure of the summer! Six Flags! I shared this story on my Facebook page but am sharing with you ladies in case a momma is having a hard day and needs a laugh!  Why is it that I avoid taking my boys to the grocery store at all cost but I will voluntarily take them to Six Flags?!  


Three Boys at White Water Mom of Boys Boy Mom life water slides playing and hats


We had fun and didn’t let the obstacles of the day rain on our parade! L3 cut his foot before we left and I grabbed (unknowingly) a size 10 and size 8 shoe for him and planned to put the shoe on once we arrived at six flags! We arrived at six flags much later than planned and realized the shoe I grabbed didn’t fit! Thankfully L2 begged to bring his flip flops for water park so little brother wore size 12 shoes (2 sizes too big) until I could find shoes to buy at Six Flags! L1had a bad headache and stomach ache once we arrived so found medicine for him. Then the velcro on his tennis shoes broke! I macgyvered said velcro with a knot and we kept on movin’. (Btw new shoes less than a month)! Oh yeah, and then there was rain! BUT guess what it only happened when we were inside already! 1st rain was during lunch and 2nd rain shoe shopping! Thanks to the rain the boys got to play the games that I kept saying no to earlier, win some great prizes and have ice cream, PLUS no lines on the rides! Then water park fun when the sun came back out! We all had a blast and in addition to all the fun and great memories, I hope the boys learned that shit happens all the time and you just have to roll with it, find a solution and keep having fun! (My life motto) 🤣😘 L1 said it best walking back to the car. “This was an awesome fun day!” I may have spent a fortune on neon bright orange shoes, , motrin, games and more but it was worth it! 😘💕 PS they all requested leg and foot rubs at bedtime! 😁


Can you relate to that story at all?!  I share this with you because the perfect pictures on facebook never show the real live stuff that is happening behind the scenes and if you saw the picture I posted above you probably assumed it was a fun day without any obstacles!  Far from the yes...but also crazy and exhausting! 


I love summertime with the boys and while I still have a lot of work to get done, I really try to focus on having fun with them and creating great memories.  For the last several years we have had a summer bucket list and the boys love it and look forward to checking off the list items every year now! This year they came up with several new ones that I added.  I am sharing with you and hope you love and use with your kids! 


Summer Bucket List Things to do with Kids this Summer Activities with children


And of course you can't have fun without some rules and structure for summer so here is the sheet I put together for that. 

Summer Rules for kids this summer Structure for the summertime

I hope this is helpful and if you want the actual attachments just send me an email at

Have a great first week of Summer!  





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