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I LOVE lipstick.  Always have and always have way too much and have them everywhere! Yet I am always searching for that perfect color, feel and staying power! I think I may have found it thanks to my fabulous friend. 

I have been on a beauty counter kick for a while.  I do love their lipsticks and their gloss and the fact that I am putting something non-toxic on my lips is obviously a huge plus! 

Lipstick Beauty counter lipstick Make up Women's Fashion Boutique Lovely Style

Most recently I have been using Lip Sense and I really like because it stays on all day, literally from morning to night! All you have to reapply is the lipgloss. Admittedly, I don't love having to reapply the lipgloss so much because if you don't your lips do feel really dry.  However, there are a ton of colors and lots of lip gloss options too. 

LipSense Lipstick Lipstick that stays Lipgloss Make up Beauty and skin

Are you a red lipstick person? I have never been but the other day I was at Sephora and it was time for me to pick a free gift! Don't you love free gifts?! Well, I didn't really want the red lipstick but I didn't need the other items and I never wear red lipstick!  The lady said it was the best red lipstick ever made and that I should try it.  So I did...and guess what...I like!  Add this to your collection for sure!  Smashbox DB6

Lip Stick Red Lip Gloss Make Up Fashion Beauty Tips Women's Clothing Boutique


And NOW I have a new OBSESSION - DIOR Addict Lip Glow (perfect name because your lips will be addicted!) There are so many colors and I can't begin to tell you how hydrated your lips will be and how good they will look!  It looks like Niemen Marcus is offering free beauty gifts with purchase so now may be a good time to check out!  >>>Click Here<<<

Dior Lip Glow Lip Stick Beauty products Make up Fashion Women's Clothing

My next favorite topic is Maxi Dresses!  The perfect spring and summer uniform, right?!  My newest dress obsession just arrived in the boutique and it is gorgeous! 

Don't you LOVE?! I am taking pre-orders now and planning to order in the next day or two so they will arrive next week.  Check out the site for the size chart and let me know if you want me to order one for you. >>>Click Here>>>

I love Maxi Dresses!  They are so flattering and really make you feel beautiful! Make sure you add a new one or two to your closet this season!  I still have a few left from last season at discounted prices >>>Shop Here<<< and make sure you check the VIP page on Facebook because I am taking preorders for some other FABULOUS ONES! >>>Click Here for VIP Page>>>

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