DIY Deep Conditioner Home Remedies for Hair

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 Have you ever tried a diy home conditioner?!  I forgot I use to do these type of home remedies for your hair all the time, pre kiddos and marriage!  A girlfriend of mine was telling me about one she just did and inspired me to do one as well!  I used coconut oil and a coconut oil and vitamin E conditioner from the dollar tree!  I kept it on for 24 hours and my hair is super soft and shinny today! 

                        Coconut oil for hair and Vitamin E deep conditioning hair remedy


 We are headed on a family trip to the beach which is a big reason I wanted to get my hair in better condition because I know the sand, salt and sand are only going to dry it out more!  Do you have a beach trip coming up?  I made a quick trip to the dollar tree and stocked up on some healthy and non-healthy snacks plus some new coloring books and activity books to help keep the boys busy! 

Here are a few of my favorite items I packed but I just remembered I forgot the baby powder!  Did you know it is perfect for taking the sand off of you and the kids?! 

                            Sundresses and swim cover ups and hats to take to the beach



I can't wait to stare out into the ocean and smell the ocean air!  

Have a lovely day and let me know if you try a DIY hair conditioning!  





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