Celebrating New Years Eve with Kids

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New Years Eve Eve!  I love this time of year!  The period between Christmas and New Years when I start thinking about new goals, organizing my thoughts and all of the things I want to tackle in the New Year, personally and professionally. 

My oldest is 8 and last year I read about including your kiddos in New Years Resolutions and I really love that idea so I am creating a family New Year Resolutions Journal this year!  I made the pages below and my plan is to buy a three ring binder and each person in the family will have their own section.  I think it will be a fun activity to do with the kids each year and it will be fun to look back at the previous year, each year.   Plus it will help us stay accountable if we continue to look at the New Year binder through out the year (or at least that is my hope)! 


Here are the sheets I created, if you want to do the same thing. 

Family New Years Big Goals        New Year Time Capsule New Year Personal Goals      Organizational New Years goals


Spiritual Goals for New Years Resolutions        Parental Goals for New Years Resolutions

Spousal New Years Resolutions    Professional Goals for New Years Resolutions


Our New Years Eve tradition includes eating our favorite snacks through out the day and then having a "midnight" countdown at 7:00 pm with the kids.  We let them have ice cream and popcorn and toast with sparkling apple juice as we watch the  New Years countdown on Netflix! It looks like they have added several new cartoon countdowns this year so check out here: 



Once the boys are asleep we have a yummy filet and twice baked potatoes plus a veggie of course! This will be our first time not hanging with friends so I guess we will have a NYE date night and toast the New Year together at midnight! 

I also love the idea of making these New Years Wishing Wands with the boys and plan to make these on New Years Eve. You can really use lots of things you have around your house to make these and I know the boys will think they are fun! I am sure they will be an even bigger hit with girls! 

Here is the tutorial I found from Babe Centre

New Years Eve Wishing Wands for Kids


Do you have any fun traditions that you do with the kids on New Years?!  I would love to hear so let me know! 


I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day and I will see you in 2019!  






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